Collection Highlight - Model of the Nepean Bell
image of Nepean bell model


A former employee of the City of Nepean inherited this metal model of the Nepean Bell prior to amalgamation.  This ornament was used by the City of Nepean during presentations.


A Piece of History

The Nepean Bell  began life in the beautiful old Town Hall in Westboro located at 345 Richmond Road. Installed when the Hall was built in 1896, the bell was used to sound the curfew and later to sound the fire call for volunteer firefighters.


 image of the first home of the Nepean Bell

 The old Town Hall in Westboro, first home of the Nepean Bell

When the new municipal offices were built in Bells Corners, it was felt there was something missing. The bell from the old Town Hall seemed an appropriate link to Nepean’s past so it was decided to move the bell to the new building. With the knowledge of Reeve Moodie, the Fire Chief, the Chief Building Inspector and the Township Clerk teamed up to move the bell using a fire truck and an old pickup.


image of the Nepean bell being removed image of the Nepean bell being removed image of the Nepean bell being removed
Removal of the Nepean Bell from the old Town Hall 1966


image of the Nepean Bell

The Nepean Bell outside the Bells Corners Municipal Offices 

The municipal offices were opened in November 1966 at 3825 Richmond Rd in Bells Corners. Placed on a fancy tripod, the bell sat on the lawn outside the building and a rope leading from the council chamber allowed the bell to be rung on ceremonial occasions. The longest leg of the tripod represented a father, the next a mother, the shortest a child and all three symbolized the family-like unity which council planned to maintain in Nepean.

The bell was relocated to the Nepean City Hall, Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Drive in 1988.


 image of the Nepean bell in front of 101 Centrepointe Drive
 The Nepean Bell outside 101 Centrepoint Drive


In 1978 Nepean officially adopted the Bell as the corporate symbol of the City of Nepean. It appeared on municipal correspondence, on promotional items, City vehicles  and as shoulder flashes on the uniforms of the Nepean Police Service, the Nepean Fire Department and employees of Parks and Recreation. There are still street signs around Nepean today that carry this proud symbol of the Westboro Town Hall Bell, a touchstone to Nepean’s long and distinguished heritage.



Collection Highlight - Model of the Nepean Bell