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Looking for an affordable, exciting and challanging activity for your classroom, organization or group? Well, look no further, rent one of our Kits today and bring home a little history. 

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 Discovery Kits

Rent one of our themed 'Discovery Kits' today! From 'Food and Feast' to 'Health and Hygiene,' each kit contains mysterious artifacts that will surely boggle the mind and keep you guessing.

Each kit also includes a bilingual guide book.

Fee: $15.00 weekly



Early Settlers Kit

This Kit comes with a chest filled with period clothing, slate boards and chalk and more! You will also receive our Early Settlers Discovery Kit that includes 15 artifacts which reflects the daily lives of settlers in Upper Canada. 

Fee:$25.00 weekly


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Ice Cream Kit

Ever wonder how ice cream was made without the aid of freezers? Rent our ice cream kit and learn how to make old-style ice cream from scratch. The great part about this Kit is the taste testing.

Fee: $25.00 weekly




Traditional Toys Kit

From Jacob's ladder, to top launchers, ringer flippers, thaumatropes and teetotums, this kit is sure to provide hours of entertainment!

Fee: $10.00 weekly


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Stereoscope Kit

Before there were 3D movies and pictures there was the stereoscope. Rent this Kit today to see how this early 3D technology works. The Kit contains three stereoscopes as well as a variety of picture cards. 

Fee: $5.00 weekly

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Pen and Ink Kit

This Kit is a great way to enhance any writing program or cursive writing class. There are enough supplies in this Kit to teach an entire classroom the challenges and pleasures of calligraphy.

Fee: $10.00 weekly

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Remembrance Day Kit

Nepean Museum's Remembrance Day Kit contains flags, posters, wreaths and other interpretation items which help tell the story of Remembrance Day and why we remember. There are four Kits available to rent year round. This Kit is a great way to enhance any Remembrance Day ceremony.

Fee: $5.00 weekly


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Kit Rentals