Collection Highlights
 image of Sir Evan Nepean's court shoe buckles button

The Sir Evan Nepean Collection

The Nepean Museum currently holds three artifacts previously owned by Sir Evan Nepean. Read about a letter he wrote, his family’s Bible, and his court shoe buckles.


Model of the Nepean Bell

The story of the Nepean Bell takes us from the beautiful Westboro Town Hall to the front lawn of Ben Franklin Place. See the different homes of the Nepean Bell over the years and read how the Bell became the symbol of Nepean.

 image of red feather hat button

The Hats of Ida and Lois Long

Women of taste and fashion, Ida Long and her daughter Lois would rarely be seen in public without a beautiful hat. The Nepean Museum is the proud custodian of this unique collection of hats from two well respected Nepean women. This photo gallery depicts the hats of Ida and Lois Long.