Community Outreach Programs

Can't get to Nepean Museum? No need to worry, let us come to you!


Book a community outreach program today. Museum staff will come to your site to deliver one of our exciting outreach programs.


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Our Neighbourhoods, Our Community


Lecture Series

Book a presentation today to learn more about the history of your neighbourhood. Every neighbourhood in Nepean has a vibrant story to tell from its name, to the stories of those that lived there. Museum staff will visit your site and deliver an hour long presentation featuring photographs and stories about your neighbourhood. Click here to see if your neighbourhood was once a part of Nepean. 


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Discovery Kit Presentation

Are you looking for an affordable, exciting and challenging activity for your classroom, organization or group? Book a Discovery Kit presentation today. Museum staff will visit your site to deliver a program using one of our seven Discovery Kits. Each kit contains 15 mysterious artifacts which will boggle your mind and leave you guessing. Discovery Kits are also available to rent. Click here for details.



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